Our purpose

Born from the desire to the reduce dependency of wood and building circularity to the fashion world, Stelapop© aims at inspiring the retail and fashion world to join the wagon of reducing textile waste and landfills.

We elevate your experience of upcycled furniture with material that is both aesthetically excellent and exceptional in versatility.

The eco-friendly treatment undertaken to process during the whole process of production makes it easy to upcycle the product at a later stage too. This closes the loop of the product life cycle and ensures in reducing waste.

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Things You Could Make & Save with Denim Waste



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Kg of Denim Waste
STELAPOP works closely with SAITEX (B-Corp) to manage their waste and close the loop

Revolution starts at home—we started off the Stelapop© journey of self-sustenance inhouse with SAITEX. An idea that stemmed of out reducing and upcycling the textile waste produced at SAITEX, Stelapop© is now synonymous with a sustainable legacy that positively impacts our environment. SAITEX with close integration with the Stelapop© team has now became the most seed to shelf organization in the world.

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