Revolutionizing furniture has a new name—Stelapop©, where fashion meets furniture.

Envisioned to build a regenerative ecosystem and reduce textile waste, the brand has designed a new material that is both upcycled and a great substitute for wood.

Upcycled to perfection, our solid panels breathe life into garment offcuts and dead stocks.

Time left until the end of rain forests
Our Purpose
Planet Earth
Our Purpose

Stelapop© as a brand was born with a desire to create a sustainable substitute to wood.

With a vision to build a self-sustaining world of fashion, Stelapop© has devised a textile management and processing system that funnels down textile waste
The technology used makes it ideal for the end product to be upcycled again on need basic, thus reducing our dependency on rain forests for wood. The upcycled solid panels ticks all the boxes of being stain resistant.
Join us in the functional revolution towards
a circular future